How to link several work stations in a local network

LibertyCommerce can be used from several connected work stations. However, there should not be linked more than 5 work stations in a local network.
The use of the same archive is really very easy:

You only have to install a copy of the software on all work stations you want to connect. After your registration you received a customer number, which you have to insert now (the same number for all work stations). Now you need to follow the instructions:

1. You have to select a work station which is to contain the database. On this work station you have to create your company and after that set the directory, so that also the other connected work stations can see it.
2.Go to the other work stations and click on “Search for a company in the local network“, when the following menu appears:

Now you have to search for the common directory in which the file libertycommerce.mdb is saved.
1. After having clicked on the file, open the database.
2. The selected company appears now in the list. To open it, double-click it or highlight it and click
on “open”.
3. Now the work station is configured in the local network. Each time you open the programme, the work station will connect itself to the selected database.

This procedure works for all the work stations you want to link.

All changes effected from one of the connected work stations are visible also on the main work station. In that way you can, for example, stock up your inventory from one work station and issue an invoice or effect a public sale from another.

The computer on which the database is saved needs to be switched on, of course, in order to be able to use the other work stations.

If you have a network server and want to insert the database in a directory of this server, you need to do the following steps:

1.Create the directory on the server and grant the user of the computer of access the different licences and authorizations.
2. Open the window “Company management” and select the created company. After that click on “Move” and search for the directory, which was previously created on the server, using the network of the window which opens. Highlight and open it and then click on “Save”.

By this you have moved the database into the selected directory; now it is not on the computer, where it has been created, any longer. Thus each computer, which is linked in the network and on which LibertyCommerce is installed, has independently access to the archive, since the servers are usually never switched off.

N.B. During the process described above, in which you need to use a computer linked in the network as database medium, you have to consider the following guidelines:

If the computer, on which the database is saved, has Windows XP Professional as operating system, it is not enough to share the directory. Writing licences and access authorisations for the directory have to be issued to the user of the computer, otherwise the second work station cannot work properly.


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