New articles

There are two ways to insert new items in the inventory:

1. Using the "New" button on the right side of the list;
2. Using the "Document management function to enter delivery receipts or immediate invoices..

NOTE Never use any separator when entering quantities or numbers with 3 or 4 digits.
The separators (.) period and (,) comma may only be used to define (euro)cents. For example, if the number 10000,30 is inserted, it will be displayed as 10.000,30 or 10,000.00 (depending on the operating system preferences).
The period key in the numeric keyboard will also be considered as a decimal separator for eurocents.

The first type of creation is advisable during the initial configuration of the program, that requires loading the majority of items in the inventory.
The second option is used when updating the quantities in the warehouse, as usually an update is the result of a shipment which has to be accompanied by a delivery receipt.
Only the first option will be explained here; the second option is explained in the section on delivery receipts.
To create a new article, click on the button labeled "New" in the "Warehouse" window.

NOTE Before inserting a new item, at least one supplier and one goods category must exist.

The following are mandatory fields that have to be filled in the item sheet to be able to save the article in the inventory:

  • Description
  • Supplier
  • Supplier code (ID)
  • Goods category
  • VAT rate

Everything else is optional.

The item sheet has additional information accessible through it:

  • Article information(always shown by default)
  • Photos/Descriptions


The following screen shows the price history of an item, as defined through manual changes or thorugh invoices.

When all the information has been entered, it will be possible to save the article information by clicking on the "Save" button. The main warehouse window will then be shown, and the list will be updated to include th newly created article. it is possible to select an existing item by clicking on it; the selected item will be highlighted in green.

The "Options" menu has the following menu items:

  • Print the information on an article
  • Transfer an amount to a warehouse (this option is useful if the multiple warehouse option is enabled).