This function allows one to create a copy of the currently used company for safekeeping. It is very important to make a backup copy of all data in case of a computer malfunction.

LibertyCommerce handles backup functions automatically. The Backup Management function allows one to determine the frequency of backups: daily or monthly.

It is also possible to choose how many copies will be kept in the computerís hard drive.

Backup copies will be created whenever the program is started, according to the selected frequency.

The default directory for the backups is c:\programmi\libertycommerce7\Backup. To change the default location, click on the Options menu and select Set Backup Directory. The location can be reset to any drive, networkdrive, or removable drive in the system.

It is advisable to copy the backups on a removable medium such as CD-ROMs, USB FlashDisks, or floppy disks. This will ensure that the data is available even if the computer breaks. Copying the backups can be easily achieved by selecting the backup to be copied, clicking on the íCopy Backupí option, and selecting the patch where to save the copy.

The 'Restore' function allows one to restore the program data from an existing backup, and 'Restore from' allows one to restore the program data from an external.

Warning: Restoring a backup will erase the entire program database for Liberty Commerce, replacing it with the one contained in the backup. This function cannot be undone.