Customise software

Welcome to the customisation page of LibertyCommerce7 International. 

Our software is distributed free of charge and there are no constraints apart from those displayed on the licence.

Other than the options provided by the program, it is possible to request paid customisations. These customisations, if accepted by Liberty Line staff, will then be included in the public version and will enrich the functions of the software.

The customisations can include the behavioural modes of the program for an individual country or can simply be print-out customisations. (invoices or reports)

For print-out customisations the standard rate is 50€ every 4 pages of personalised print-outs. Customisations can be installed autonomously by each company.

It is also possible to customise print-outs in languages other than German and English. In fact, it is possible to customise the language of the print-outs even if the program is set to English or German. To customise the print-outs in a different language, request a quote via email at

It is also possible to add new languages to the program by downloading and adding the translation in your language in this Excel file (languagelc7.xls). If you send us this file, with every part compiled, we can add your language to those already available (apart from Italian, which is not supported by this software). You can only enter Pan European languages.

The goal of the project, through donations, customisations for individual customers and home page banner advertising, is to create free software to help small enterprises during a moment of crisis at world level.

It is also possible to request paid remote support on your PC using the specific module. We can use this type of service to intervene on your PC to resolve small or big problems or simply connect multiple stations online. Chat communication can only be in English and should be agreed in advance via email. This service costs 70€ per intervention.

NB. Companies that distribute hardware on the Windows operating system can ask Liberty Line for a customised version to have their own logo on the main menu of the program at all times.


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